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Just Giver 4PD Time Trial 30km


Kelly Jablonski  invites us all to join him for an exciting and new event on our race calendar: 30km Time Trial.

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Race Title: Just Giver 4PD Time Trial 30km
Contact Person: Kelly Jablonski
Race Date: August 3, 2014
Location: Abbotsford
Sign-on location: Hougen Park
Sign-on time: 11am
Type of Race: Time Trial
Men’s Open (19-29)
Women’s Open (19-29)
5 year Masters age categories
Race Distance: 30km
Race Fee: $20
Race start time: 1pm
Directions to start of race: Exit on Whatcom Road South then take immediate road, called South Parallel Rd. headed East, then turn right on Cole Rd. Hougen Park is app. 500 meters on the right.

Grand Forks BCMasters Races July 18,19, 20 Cancelled


No one is available to run this years Grand Forks Cycling Club BCmasters race, so it was decided not to have the race this year and to please take them off the BCMCA calendar.
Rod Jacobs,  V.P. GFCC is sorry that they had to make this decision.

Please NOTE this change to the BCMCA Race schedule and calendar.

CyclingBC 2014 License


Are you Licensed to Race?

You need a Racing License for the following reasons:
1. To prove your identity and racing categories;
2. To prove that you are covered by Cycling BC’s insurance policy;
3. To prove that you have agreed to the participant declaration, where you acknowledge that you will follow the regulations of the sport, and will accept both disciplinary and anti-doping procedures, if necessary.

What license is right for you?
Generally, all BCMCA and Club races require a Citizen License, $45 for 2014.
Note: A photo for the Citizen license is optional.
Single-event or Day Licenses are NOT available for any BCMCA-sanctioned races.
The license gives you Personal Liability and Accident Insurance.
For Insurance details from CyclingBC >Click here

TO ORDER a 2014 CyclingBC License on-line >Click Here

Membership and License – what you need


What you need to know about BCMCA Membership, Racing Licenses and Online Registrations

  1.         Membership in BC Masters Cycling Association can be regarded as a Club Membership; but is not a requirement for race participation. It allows you to enter BCMCA events with lower entry fee. We welcome Non-members, but you pay $5 extra for each and every race entry. BCMCA events are Club-sanctioned events, providing Organizers with Liability Insurance and race support.
  2.       A Racing License is required for race entry regardless of membership status. It is purchased from CyclingBC, and comes in 2 options: The Citizen License for racers who participate in BCMCA sanctioned events, or Club Races without UCI(Union Cycliste Internationale) sanction. The full UCI Racing License is for racers who participate in any UCI-sanctioned events. You must determine which level of racing you need a License for. Generally, all BCMCA and Club races require a Citizen License. Single-event or Day Licenses are not available for any BCMCA- sanctioned races. The License gives you Personal Liability and Accident Insurance. Insurance details are available from CyclingBC.
  3.        Online Registrations and Purchase are available for both BCMCA Membership and all CyclingBC racing Licenses through CCN(see, which act as payment provider and registration database only. If you have any issues or problems with CCN links or features, please contact them directly. BCMCA does not handle the transaction process.
  4.        Online Link to BCMCA Membership: Click here

  5.       Online Link to CyclingBC Licenses: Click here


Anti-aging therapy – Is it Medicine or Dope?


Interesting story on Velonews sent to us from David Steen, which could be more common than we think. Please click on the link below to investigate this article: “”Is it Medicine or Dope? A cat. 4 vs the USDA”.

Click here> Velonews article